"After watching Chantel give her entire focus to her client I knew I wanted her to be my trainer. She sincerely wants you to become stronger and shows you your improvement as you go along which gives you the desire to keep working. Her passion is to be the best trainer she can and attends college and seminars to help her accomplish this. Fascia Stretch Therapy is another of her passions. After my first session I was was able to stand straighter and my flexibility improved dramatically which continues to improve. It's turned into my favorite part of my health journey! Thank you Chantel for all you have given me through your compassion and sincerity."

- Christine E.

"I met Chantel in November of 2014 after having had six back surgeries resulting in a three-level fusion in my lower back. To say I had become sedentary was an extreme understatement. I was very overweight and had type 2 diabetes along with high blood pressure and taking medication for both. While I was working with Chantel, I was diagnosed with a degenerative hip and would need a hip replacement. Chantel immediately started strengthening the muscles around my hip to help with the recovery. To make a long story short, Chantel is responsible for me losing and having kept off over 50 pounds! My blood sugar is now under control and I no longer need medication for the diabetes or high blood pressure. I am back to playing golf again, after a 6-year absence due to the back issues. This is the BEST I have felt in over 10 years and Chantel deserves all the credit."
- Dennis L.

"I highly recommend Chantel and her team of fascia stretch therapists. I suffered a very bad back and hip injury and they truly have been the reason I have gotten mobility back. If you have not tried full body fascia stretching and/or cupping give it a shot! Your body will thank you! I saw Chantel before my injury and visited 1/2 times per month during this injury 3/4 times a month and have gotten the relief and have been recovering nicely. Your neck and back will thank you! Highly recommended for athletes/body builders looking to get to the next level or anyone looking for more mobility! Did you stretch tho?! Something many of us are lazy about! If you need an amazing full body stretch you found the place search no more!"

- Kara C.


"Professional stretching...I had never heard of it, turns out, it's a thing and at Performance Bodyworks, it's an AMAZING thing!!! I recently started doing triathlons and I needed some help with sore, tight muscles. This place has made a world of difference!!! I go in weekly and the mistress of pain has me feeling like a million bucks every time!! Clean, welcoming, friendly, professional and worth every penny! Give them one try and you will know!!"

- David G

"Chantel is a HEALER.
My 12yr old son had a lingering sports injury that just would not go away... that is until Chantel worked on him. She is in-tune with the body, mind and spirit and was able to pinpoint the exact issue. She allowed us to feel how the body had tightened up to protect the injury, causing further problems and tightness throughout the area. She put my son at ease and has allowed him to see first-hand how complicated and wonderful the body is and how important it is to be in-tune with it.
What I found most amazing about her work was after the both sessions, my son had this lightness about him as he made his way from the table to the car, where he immediately fell asleep. When we got home, he proceeded to take a nap in enjoyment of the euphoria he was feeling. The body was healing.
After the second session, he was able to compete again with caution and thanks to the home stretches she gave him, he is now at 95% (we have another session booked for maintenance!)
I can not say enough good things about Chantel. We will be lifelong clients for sure!"
- Jason P. 
"Chantel is the best fascia stretch therapist I've ever seen. Her passion to help heal people shines through everyday. Her knowledge of anatomy is incredible of how quickly she can diagnose an issue and begin to help get you feeling back to . I can't recommend Performance Bodyworks enough!
Thank you Chantel!"
- Kyle P.


07:01 22 Jan 22
Had my first session today and OMG! I feel like a new woman!! Chantel is the bomb! She helped my back pain tremendously! Even did cupping!! I’m really looking forward to more sessions with her! She was very easy to talk to and did an an amazing job! HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANYBODY GO SEE HER!! I think anybody could benefit from what she offers! Do yourself a favor and book an appt at Performance Body Works ASAP!!
Nicholas OdenNicholas Oden
23:14 10 Jan 22
Chantel the Stretch Goddess is essential to help with your bodies recovery! Look her up Instagram and follow her!Sport injuries, recovery after surgeries, joint pain, message therapy!Learn more about how your bodyworks from Chantel! Thank you so much for putting me back together [email protected]_stretch_goddess
Francine MiramontesFrancine Miramontes
00:41 28 Nov 21
Hi my name Francine Miramontes and I suffer from chronic low back pain as well as other mechanical afflictions and have tried everything from physical therapy to trigger point injections and several different meds for pain and I happen to stumble upon Performance bodywork’s on a friends Instagram account and decided it was worth a shot I’ve heard of fascial stretch therapy but never experienced it so on a whim I tried it out and best decision ever Chantel is the only one that I’ve seen that had been able to keep me out of pain I’m not an easy case by far but with every visit there’s been improvements in my mobility and I’ve been provided with exceptional customer service as well as being listened to they genuinely care for you and you can see how passionate they are about their jobs I highly recommend this establishment and I will continue doing business with them